We are an inclusive school

Fill your bucket with fun, knowledge & adventure

Back to basics, learning through play

Back to basics, learning through play

Buckets and Books Nursery School is situated in Broadacres on beautiful grounds that have been enjoyed by many little people over the past 7 years.  Open spaces, rolling lawns, big trees, animals and vegetable gardens, encourage children to get back to basics and learn through play.  The property is fully secured, totally walled, with plenty of secure inside parking.

Fill your bucket with fun, knowledge & adventure

We provide an educational play based program that embraces a “Back to Basics” philosophy of learning. Children are encouraged to explore and discover in a natural and stimulating environment that will develop the whole child physically, emotionally, cognitively, socially and spiritually.

We focus on:

Learning through the concrete experiences of touching, moving, listening, seeing, and hearing

Developing relationships with other children and their physical world

Integrating the use of technology

The program is based on the Christian Principles of:

Respect, Responsibility, Community.

This is achieved through a structured curriculum that is guided by the interests of the children.

School hours are 8.30am to 12pm (Playgroup & Grade 0000), 8.30am to 12:30pm (Grades 000 and 00) and 8.00am to 12.30pm (Grade 0), however a waiting class is available from 7am. Aftercare services are offered, at an additional cost (see fees page), until 5pm. Holiday club is offered most holidays at an additional cost.

Have You Heard?

Buckets and Books Nursery School offers a Grade R class, we also accept enrolments from Playgroup to Grade R for children with HEARING AIDS and COCHLEAR IMPLANTS!

What is Inclusivity?

  • Accepting unconditionally all the children into regular classes.
  • Providing support to children so that they are able to participate fully in the school and the community.
  • Looking at all children at what they can do rather than what they cannot do.
  • Individual differences between children are a source of richness and diversity, and not a problem.
  • Our Staff are fully trained and continue to attend the latest courses so as to grow continually.
  • Our Teachers have knowledge of different approaches to teaching so that children with various abilities and strengths can learn together.
  • We work closely with parents, therapists and the community to determine the most effective ways of providing a quality education in an inclusive environment.
  • The diversity of needs and pace of the developments of children are addressed through a wide and flexible range of responses (so long as these responses not include removing a child with a disability from the classroom).
  • Create opportunities for these children where they receive appropriate social interaction with similar aged children.
  • Expose these children to age-appropriate cognitive activities. 
  • Expose these children to age-appropriate societal expectations
  • Strong visionary leaders in our management team
  • Commitment from all staff members
  • Commitment from parents and families (both special education families and general education families)
  • Weekly therapy sessions provided by our team of specialists 
  • Termly IEP meetings to set reasonable goals which are to be addressed in both the short and long-term.
  • Monitor the implementation and execution of said goals.


Grade R (5 year old turning 6)

  • R 5 141 - Monthly
  • R 18 374 - Termly
  • R 53 714 - Annually

Grade 0000 (2-3 year old)/Playgroup

  • R 4 550 - Monthly
  • R 16 433 - Termly
  • R 47 812 - Annually

Grade 00 & 000 (3-4 & 4-5 year old)

  • R 4 915 - Monthly
  • R 17 733 - Termly
  • R 51 573 - Annually

Playgroup 3-days-per-week option

  • R 2 720 - Monthly

Initial Deposit * – R 2 050

Registration Fee (incl. hat, library bag and movement t-shirt) – R 380

* The deposit will be credited to your account in the last month of your child being at Buckets and Books.

** Monthly fees are calculated over 11 months – January to November.

Aftercare - FUN 2 FIT

Playgroup 3-days-per-week option

  • Lunch Only R 40
  • Half Day R 65
  • Full Day R 90
  • Capped amount R1440

Banking Details

Buckets and Books Preschool (Pty) Ltd

Standard Bank

Fourways Crossing (00995300)

Account no. 33-304-285-9

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