Children with hearing difficulties

It is with great excitement that we are extending our teaching program to include learners with Hearing Aids and Cochlear Implants.

Children with hearing loss have the same innate capacity to develop spoken language as children with normal hearing.

All that is required for a child with a hearing loss to develop fluent spoken language is for them to be given the same opportunities as hearing children.

They need to be exposed to a variety of listening environments that are rich in language opportunities such as at school with their peers and teachers and at home with their parents and siblings.

As stated by Robertson and Flexer (2000),” With the technology and early intervention available today, a child with a hearing loss CAN have the same opportunity as a typically hearing child to develop spoken language, reading and academic skills.”

At Buckets and Books Preschool we will make use of the Natural Auditory Oral approach. For this approach to be successful, the child needs to have been correctly diagnosed and fitted with the appropriate amplification. Once this has been accomplished we, at Buckets and Books will maximise the use of the child’s residual hearing.

No other forms of additional communication, such as sign language will be used as it has been found “that children who are exposed to sign language before they have a cochlear implant take longer to make full use of the implant that those who are not.

They seem to expect to receive information through their eyes and, therefore, it takes more time to condition them to use their hearing fully after they have received the implant” [ CITATION MCl07 \l 7177 ]. This applies to children who are fitted with hearing aids as well. The goal of this approach is to integrate the child with a hearing impediment into an environment where normal natural language is used by peers and teachers who have normal hearing.

Bibliography Clark, M. (2007). A Practical Guide to Quality Interaction With Children Who Have a Hearing Loss. San Diego: Plural Publishing.

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